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The Goldendoodle & Labradoodle Website

The Goldendoodle gets its name from its mixed heritage - golden retriever and poodle. Goldendoodles are a hybrid dog, a first generation cross, and as such they exhibit "hybrid vigour". The hybrid cross between these two parent breeds are terrific family dogs, friendly, intelligent, affectionate and easy to train.

Small Dog Rescue and Humane Society

SmallDog Rescue and Humane Society (SmallDog Rescue) is a 501 (c) (3), tax-exempt organization dedicated to finding loving families for homeless dogs in the Atlanta area.

Smiley Dog Rescue ... Open Your Heart to an Animal in Need

Smiley Dog Rescue is a group of volunteer dog lovers whose mission is to rescue, provide sanctuary, and ultimately to re-home abandoned, stray and neglected dogs. Whenever possible we also assist dogs who, because of extenuating circumstances, are unable to remain in their homes with their owners. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Blue Dog Rescue

Blue Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, funded by donations, fundraisers, and adoption fees, that works to find permanent, loving homes for homeless dogs in the Central Texas area. All donations are Federal Tax deductible.

Pet adoption: Want a dog or cat? Adopt a pet on Petfinder

Pet adoption: adopt a homeless pet (dog or cat) or pets from animal shelters. Petfinder has helped with 12 million pet adoptions since 1995.

German Shepherd Dog Rescue Group of GA

German Shepherd Dog Rescue Group of GA a non-profit volunteer organization

Rocket Dog Rescue

San Francisco Bay Area Dog Rescue, Adopt a Dog, Foster a Dog


The Humane Society of Southern Maryland and York Pennsylvania is is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. All donations are tax exempt to the extent permissible by law.

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